Terrell Owens Only Made $4,300 Playing for the Seattle Seahawks

By Drew Copley | Bleacher Report
Perennial all-pro receiver Terrell Owens made $28 an hour in his short time with the Seattle Seahawks this past preseason.

As TMZ reports, documents filled in by T.O. in regards to his child support cases from two different women required his current financial status. The paperwork and pay stubs handed in show that Owens inked a deal with Seattle on August 7th and only made $4342.86 in his short time there (152 hours).

Of course he was cut from the team after he failed to show the coaches a reason to keep him there. Had he made the final cuts, Owens was set to receive $925,000 on the season.

In his prime, T.O. signed a $49,000,000 deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for seven years and another $25,000,000 contract for three years with the Dallas Cowboys.

The 38-year-old receiver, second on the all-time receiving yards list, is well past his prime these days. However, he is still looking to fill a void for a team this season through free agency.

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