Is This Nicki Minaj’s Real Hair?


By: Freddyo  |
Nicki Minaj posted this picture via her twitter account recently and had the internet going wild with questions of whether or not this was her real hair. If so, the wigs have definitely been keeping her hair healthy it appears.

The real question is whether or not she still has edges. We’ve all seen that infamous picture of Naomi Campbell without her edges. The picture is only of the back of her hair so we have to wonder a bit. Nonetheless, the fact that she even showed off her real to her millions of fans says something about her recent change. Perhaps this is what comes about when you fire the staff that made you the Black Barbie: a drastic difference from the pink, over-the-top wigs!

Personally, we are loving the new toned down Nicki Minaj. It makes her seem more human.

Do you think this is Nicki’s real hair?

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