NBA star robbed: Chris Bosh’s house broken into during birthday celebration


An NBA star robbed in his own home returned from his 29th birthday party to find hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and accessories stolen. According to Yahoo Sports on April 4, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh found his house had been broken into while he was celebrating his birthday with his wife and friends.

According to reports, an estimated $340,000 in watches, rings, purses and more was taken as the NBA star was robbed in his Miami Beach mansion. Bosh purchased the home in 2010 after signing with the Miami Heat along with friend LeBron James.

Bosh reported the robbery at 12:30 a.m. after he and his wife returned from the nightclub where they celebrated his birthday. He had just finished enjoying his Moroccan-themed party at a downtown location by the Bay before heading to a South Beach nightclub to finish off his big night. Then it all ended badly when he returned home and his closet was “ransacked” and his wife’s jewelry box was robbed.

One bit of good news from the fact the NBA star was robbed is that Bosh’s NBA Championship ring was not stolen.

Chris Bosh’s wife and friends were publicizing the party on Twitter and other social networks, making the celebration public knowledge, which might have led to the NBA star robbed while he was celebrating.

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