Lil Wayne hospitalized: 30-year-old Weezy tweets he’s okay

By:Effie Orfanides |
Lil Wayne was hospitalized on Tuesday night. On May 1, TMZ reported that Lil Wayne suffered another seizure and he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles by his bodyguards. Lil Wayne has since been released and he has tweeted that he is doing okay.

About 30 minutes ago, Lil Wayne tweeted, “I’m fine. Thank u” and so many fans were thankful to see that because his health has been sort of up and down over the past several months. This seizure did not keep Weezy down for very long. According to the report, Lil Wayne was released early this morning.

Last time Lil Wayne was hospitalized, TMZ seemingly exaggerated his condition, saying that he was on life support and that his mother was flying to Los Angeles to be with him — and to decide whether or not to “pull the plug” so to speak. Lil Wayne was just fine following this incident but people were furious that TMZ reported that things were much worse than they actually were.

Weezy has previously revealed that he is epileptic and that he has been suffering from seizures for most of his life. One would think that his doctors would be able to get his seizures under control with medication, but that hasn’t been the case thus far.

Lil Wayne will likely be hospitalized each time this happens. Keep an eye on his Twitter account for factual information on his status.

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